Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ugh. Escape me from this very lazy monday afternoon.
So, I went to school for one subject, it's a major so I can't aford to miss it. I supposedly have mondays free but I ended up adding 2 more major subjects-lit 1 and foreign language 1-to catch up. I got home at 3 and popped my pc on-opened fave sites, checked for podcast updates and then...I couldn't think of any more to do. No homeworks yet coz it's just the fourth day of classes, Nothiong to study for yet-formal classes would only start next week. Now I'm caught up blabbering things that get into my head-sorry. Good thing a lot of people are online on ym, I have other people's time to waste (kidding).

P.S. I'm doing this feature thing since last saturday, I think I'd be done by tomorrow. I'm featuring anything from singers to bands to designers to sites. If you want your site or anything you want to be featured-simply sign on my guestbook, drop necessary info there like site URL or whatever-you know what's important. thanks :)

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