Thursday, June 26, 2008


The claim from their site:Boob Job works with your natural fat cells. As the fat cells move around the body after eating, Boob Job "blocks" the fat into the area where the product has been applied, so the bust and décolleté areas. You will see a gradual increase in cup size within 56 days as well as gaining an instant lifting and firming effect. Increase in cup size by 8.4 percent.Rodial Boob Job is based on a natural phytosterol, derived from an Asian root that has no hormonal activity which works on the skin and the layer of fat beneath and is 100 percent paraben free.

I say:
WHAT?! Boob jobs without the job?! Does it work?! Coz if it does I might give it a try (coz you know...I'm like a 32 B![laughs]). The thing is sold at $175 per bottle. And what's with the "Asian root" thing? I'm asian-what's with the root? If you've tried it (it's currently only available at US stores like BLISS) tell me if it's worth the stash.

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