Thursday, June 26, 2008


Be a known!

I've been doing this feature thing since saturday and I've got everything I want listed. So don't be a douche and let your interests be known, leave a message, drop a comment, text or call me (if you know my digits), however you get it through-just get it THROUGH. Of course, put everything that's important (read:details) to get it featured in my site. I'll also put up a link of your site at your requested featurette (but you could also tell me not to do so if you're a delicate flower[smile]). So come on-come all, get those fingers tapping and send it now. Who knows, someone might click your link and find you interesting and I might turn out to be miss cupid.

P.S. Everything and anything could be featured-be it a fashion blog, anime show, or even artists-whatever it is. So go, and spread your star quality!

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