Tuesday, July 29, 2008

cowboy boots + white

cowboy boots + white = lovely combination. An oh, don't forget the curly hair.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Behold the Armadillo Striped Satin d'Orsay by Christian Louboutin:

Navy/blue pleated satin. Peep toe. Covered platform. 4 7/10" covered heel. Signature red sole. Made in Italy.
This baby is sold at $790.whoa! A girl can dream, right?

get inspired

click the image to see a larger version

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

inspiration square number 1

These are the stuff I've been imagining (ha):

I love the look of the panda eyes and yes, I've mastered and can do that now-yey!
The whole she-bang curly hair is what I've been working on-I'm growing my hair so I could have that soon before I grow out of it.
Now, the cowgirl-boho kind of thing is howI want to look, it's so effortlessly chic and comfortable.
The heels-I've been practicing on wearing high heels-I can now walk at a 5-inch heel but still a little bit whoobly but I could dot it, all for the love of heels (that I'm currently on).

ring on the bling!

Extra-sparkly crystals and elaborately wrought antiqued brass give this a dazzling, retro quality. $105, Azaara.
Wow! nothing less and a lot more. I've been digging huge vintagey looking cocktail rings and this one-a certified hit! If only a 17 year-old has $105...if only.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

no joke

The LV joke bag.

I find it real cool and funny.haha(pun intended)

I don't really know how much one costs but I'm sure it's a ton but an LV's an LV man.

killer heels

Wadya think? These are heels by THE Christian Louboutin.

I'd love to wear those around but-I can't-I can't do with heels that high. But I'm willing to practice if someone buys me one.ha.as if?

I myself loooove it...you?